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Empousa Rally to Announce New Co-Driver Program

The upstate New York rally race team of Empousa Rally is happy to announce a one of a kind program that up until this point no one has done. Have you ever wanted to feel what it was like to race through the woods doing 80 plus miles per hour in a rally car? Starting December 2016 and running through the end of the season, this unique opportunity is open to any and all individuals that have had that desire.

This program is an opportunity for individuals to experience rally racing in a real world setting. These lucky individuals will get to experience a weekend of rally racing at an affordable price as a great introduction to the sport. They will be the co-driver for a sanctioned race, doing all the actual navigating and reading of the race notes. Breathing in the dust and dirt, feeling all the bumps and divots, and of course the rush of the jumps. Unlike at other rally driver schools where you learn how to be a better driver from some former race instructor at a training facility, this program drops you in the car for a real race with spectators, pit crews, and national known drivers all at your finger tips.

This action packed weekend is full of excitement and fun, but it’s really about letting someone learn how to professionally rally. Prior to race weekend the co-driver to be, will meet several times to learn the “ropes”. They will learn how to properly read race notes, give directions, and general safety regulations. All of the introduction learning will be done in a fun but still competitive atmosphere.

About Empousa Rally School:

At Empousa Rally School, the instructors are the team drivers and founders. They too started off just like you, curious with a dream. Dont worry if you have little to no knowledge of rally car racing or racing in general. Through this amazing program at Empousa Rally the goal is to have fun while learning if this is right for you.

Simply contact Empousa Rally through the various social media streams, email, or simply give them a ring to set up a race experience or for more information. Space is limited so get your reservation early for this exciting new offer from Empousa Rally Racing.


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